A Healthy Diet Plan for a Healthier Planet

A healthy diet plan shouldn't require you to be a rocket scientist to understand it, should it?

On this site, I will show you a simple diet plan that will provide you with Easy Weight Loss -- Without Hunger, Calorie-Counting, or Hours Spent at the Gym.

From the same diet and a few enjoyable lifestyle changes you can also receive Optimum Health and Longevity.

Finally, to the degree you choose to adopt this healthy diet plan, you will be Making a Contribution to the Health and Sustainability of Our Planet & Endangered Populations Everywhere!

Why Listen To Me?

Unlike your average "Diet Guru", I'm 63 years old, about the age when you learn whether you've been making any serious mistakes in your diet and lifestyle. Unlike most Americans my age, my health is excellent, my weight is where it should be, I rely on no prescriptions, and I don't "act my age".

You might say the healthy diet plan I offer you has been "proven on the racetrack of life".

Due to some unusual circumstances that made me intensely curious about how I could avoid the health issues that killed off most of my family -- starting when I was ten years old -- I have discovered a way of eating, thinking, and living that can help you, too.

After decades of watching my friends, family, and contemporaries succumb to uncontrolled weight gain and the diseases that go with it, I decided it was time to point out the secrets I have learned from a select few doctors and medical research scientists.

Let's Keep This Short & Sweet, For Now

I've collected about a hundred pages of information inside this site that will document how my trusted medical experts are stopping weight gain in its tracks, reversing Diabetes(Type 2), reversing heart disease, preventing dementia and a wide variety of the lifestyle diseases that all arise from the standard American diet. You can read them at your leisure.

For now, let's tackle the Big Question that probably brought you here: "How Do I Lose Weight Without Going Hungry?"

Excess weight, caused by many hidden ingredients in the modern "American-style" way of eating that has spread around the planet, is our primary health problem. So, let's help you to quickly get into fat-burning mode so you can become excited about how good it will feel to lose the weight you desire!

Are you ready? The page that loads under this one will describe in one page the quickest, healthiest way to teach you how to "Lose Weight Without Hunger".

Healthy diet plan=Healthy Body=Easy Weight Management=More Fun=No Guilt


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